It’s Okay to not be Okay

Hello everyone, welcome to my new post! It’s been a long time since my last post and it’s because I just wasn’t feeling myself and I just lost interest in the things I’m most passionate about. I do suffer with depression and anxiety and whilst I’m on medication for it I do have those days where I take a back seat and feel abit meh. It’s important that when those days come you take some time out, look after yourself and just focus on being the best you that you can possibly be.❤️

I am a makeup enthusiast and have absolutely no self control when it comes to buying makeup so rest assured I do have new posts coming very soon. Thankyou to every single person that has read my previous blog posts, I’m going to come back bigger and better than ever😊

HudaBeauty Neons

Hello everyone I do apologise for the delay in getting this post out. I’m not on a schedule but I do recognise that it’s been a substantial amount of times and I do want to keep you updated.

So to start off I have a lot of reviews coming your way from a lot of big names in makeup and skincare and I’ve been really taking my time ensuring you’re getting the best review possible.

So the new Huda Beauty Neons collection dropped a few weeks ago consisting of 3 separate palettes each 3×3 with 9 shades.

I absolutely adore these I mean they are beautiful to look at and they’re great for travelling around with because they’re compact and come with a mirror, what’s more perfect than that? They blend like a dream and the pay off is just insane, providing really vivid looks without fall out. Like I cannot fault their performance they are just stunning.

One thing I don’t like about them is that they are not equal in layout and shades so for instance the green palettes contains 6 glimmers and the rest matte whereas the Orange one only contains 3 glimmers and the rest mattes. Yet the green one is over run with glimmers which is a shame cause the mattes are beautiful and would have liked more in the Green palette.

They are pressed pigments so the pay off of course is intense and vibrant but can stain the eye so if that’s something that’s going to bother you then these are not for you. The glimmers I would recommend using with a setting spray to really get the desired effect. I find the glimmers if you look in the picture they look almost jewel like, and when using them they kind of come off as dusting rather than a pigmented glimmer so you might really need to work it abit to really get it going but they actually provide a really wet shimmery look. I have created countless looks with these and they do not fail to impress me, they have easily just become my favourites. The Green palette has many variations you could go for like a wet cherry or maybe unicorn whatever you’re feeling they’ve got the shades to create it. The orange pallet is just my absolute favourite, there are no end of compliments the colours are beautiful and I’m just so in love the shades work perfectly together.

So these palettes are priced at £27 each but honestly they’re so worth it, they’re perfect for summer and you’re sure to receive lots of compliments. I really would love to know what you’re thoughts are about them so please drop me a comment😊

Until next time, happy shopping 😊🛍

Nars- Lips, Cheeks and Opinions.

Hello and welcome to my latest post. As you may have guessed from the title this post is going to be reviewing a few products from Nars. I originally brought the two lip pencils one in Velvet Matte and the other Satin Lip as part of their Summer collection both priced at £22 but i actually got sent a free Orgasm blush and so i figured i’d review it all together as a little feature.

So to start off with I purchased one Velvet Matte lip pencil in the shade Good Times which is a warm beige nude colour. I loved this so much, the application was perfect. It went matte without drying out my lips. It wasn’t messy and it’s just that product that gives you those perfect lips to complete a look without hassle. I could be in a rush and apply it and know my lips look. Now it looks like a chunky crayon and it can be used to line the lips or you can use it all over like I either way your lips are going to look great. No creases no cracks. For me this product has literally every quality that I’m looking for in a lip product and I’m super excited by this, so different shades are definitely on my agenda. There are loads of shades to choose from if you’re going for a nude, chic or bold look they’ve got it all. There is a link to the shade Good Times below.

So on to the satin lip pencil, I got this one in the shade Exbury which is a light pink rose colour. Now I did like it but not as much as the Velvet Matte and I feel like i didn’t like the shade as much as the other. I just wasn’t wowed as much however that being said I feel like it really depends on how you like your lips to look but i love that they have a product for whatever preference. It was light and hydrating and you can see below that my lips look healthy and nourished. No creases no cracks.

Next is the blush in the shade Orgasm. Now as you can see in the picture above it really has naturally highlighted my complexion, just adding that little bit of colour back into my face. Blended beautifully and is buildable. Now if you refer back to my first close up you will notice I’m not wearing the blush so you can really see the comparison for yourself. Again they have many other shades if you wanted to go lighter or darker. This product is priced at £25.

I really hoped you enjoyed this triple review😊 If you’ve tried these products drop a comment and let me know your thoughts, or any questions don’t hesitate to ask!

Until next time, happy shopping😊🛍

Alpha H Liquid Gold

If you’re like me and applying makeup all the time then your skincare routine needs to be top notch right? Bad skin days are felt by everyone and they tend to leave me feeling frustrated and a bit meh and if I’m feeling meh my makeups looking meh. Well cared for skin=beautiful makeup.

Now my frustrations were growing because my bad skin day was feeling like a bad skin week. As you can see below I had congested breakout on my chin area and skin looks blemishy and raised.

Now Cult Beauty describes this product as a Multi Award Winning substance that dramatically revitalises dulled ageing skin that also gradually diminishes the visibility of fine lines and wrinkles, blemishes, pigmentation, enlarged pores, blackheads and redness. Sounds pretty perfect right? Now, it’s priced at £33.50 for a 100ml bottle/3.38 fl.oz. However, they are selling it as a duo so you can get two 100ml bottles for the price of one. Your skin will thankyou. Link is below

Makeup Revolution DANA ALTUWAIRSH collection

So i’m not an avid fan of MakeupRevolution, I love their highlighters, their eyeshadow palettes not so much HOWEVER i am in shock because i really love this new collection. Now when it comes to eyeshadows i’m an ABH (Anastasia Beverly Hills) fan, I own all of their palettes, they do everything for me but to do right by this blog, i’ve decided that all makeup is fair game.

Now to start off, their new Collection is a collaboration with fashion and lifestyle creator Dana Al Tuwarish. It consists of an eyeshadow pallet with 22 colours with 5 glimmers and the rest mattes. It has a really nice range of reds, pinks, purples, browns and golds. This palette only cost me £10 so i wasn’t really expecting anything special from it but i was pleasantly surprised. The packaging was pink marble which I thought was really pretty but the pallet itself was even better. Inside was a rose gold palette with a see through lid and a cute double ended eye brush, perfect for blending and defining. On each product packaging there is a little logo indicating that these are cruelty free so no animals were hurt or tested on in the making of these cosmetics which is absolutely brilliant.

Now on the palette itself, i have created some really pretty looks with the colours, everything about it just appeals to me. There is fallout when applying the glimmers but nothing too drastic, does not affect my makeup in anyway can simply go back over with sponge if necessary. When applying the glimmers be sure to spray brush with setting spray before applying on lid to really get that shimmer going otherwise I feel it can be quite lack lustreful, but for £10 it really is affordable and worth the money. The colours pickup quite abit which I like, I’ve received plenty of compliments with this eyeshadow and really had fun using it so i fully recommend if you’re after something cheap and cheerful.

Next up in the collection is the lip kit which includes a Lipstick in the shade Terracotta, lip liner in the shade Terracotta and a shimmery bronze lipgloss. All of these can be used together or used separately. The lip kit was £8, so again this is an absolute bargain. The lipstick i’m not a fan of, i would recommend priming your lips before hand as i found it went on really tough, but applies nicely with a primer. I don’t dislike it but i don’t love it either, however i’m just the loving the lip liner and the ligloss they apply beautifully and go perfectly together. Also I have found that when I eat, the lipstick I’m wearing transfers to my chin so I’m always carrying concealer around, not sure If anyone else has this problem but I’ve found these products were not a problem for me which is an added bonus.

Finally in the collection is the Strobe pallet and i’ve got to say it’s gorgeous!! it’s my favourite from the collection. It consists of 3 highly pigmented highlights with one ivory white with a duochrome shift, champagne gold and a warm bronze. I have found when applying the ivory shade I was working the brush abit to pick it up so if you want an intense glow I’d recommend using your fingers to get the desired impact. This trio honestly provides a perfect glow and i love sweeping the warm bronze shade over the top of my contour, it just leaves me looking radiant and only priced at £6 it’s an absolute must have. Now in total you can get the whole collection for £24 which is not even half the price of a high end eyeshadow pallete.

I really hoped you enjoyed my breakdown of the new collection from MakeupRevolution, if you’ve tried it yourself i’d love to hear your thoughts on it, so please drop me a comment😊

Until next time, happy shopping🛍

EYELURE Fleur De Force

All I have to say is wow…so let me start off by saying that I am a newbie to false lashes. I have naturally long lashes so never felt the need to apply lashes but I really wanted to see what the fuss was about.

So I’m browsing in Boots looking at the extravagant lashes knowing in my head i want NATURAL. I want lashes that don’t scream fake. And the EyeLure Fleur De Force- Fleur loves lashes 3/4 length lashes do just that. Now I picked up 2 sets because they were buy one get one 1/2 price and only priced at £5.45 so for a newbie like myself this was perfect.

Now application; I was warned Fake lashes are messy and you gotta cut them down to measurement so I was prepared for a struggle. The box contained one lash for the right and one for the left and this is clearly marked in their container by the letters R and L. It comes with adhesive which you thinly spread on to the lash line, wait 20/30 seconds to apply then hold into place. Now I apply it on top of my eyeliner so it blends in easily and not once have they messed up my eye makeup, not once have they fell out of place. They instantly make my eyes lashes go from great to amazing. They feel lightweight and you just forget you have them on. Also you don’t have to worry about those windy days cause they stay in place perfectly.

Now I’m not allowed to wear fake lashes to work but they look so natural and are a little longer than my lashes that I just wear them anyway. I’ve been asked if I’ve had them done, cause they look amazing. Their reaction is priceless when I reveal that they are fake, they’re honestly just perfect for that natural look. They’re a beautiful pair of lashes and well worth the money.

Below there is a side by side view so you can see results for yourself.

Side by side view of the Fleur loves lashes by Eyelure