Charlotte Tilbury- Luxury Palette of Pop and pouts.

Hello and welcome to my new post. I hope you’re all enjoying this festive season as much as I am.

Today’s post is about the Charlotte Tilbury Celestial Eyes eyeshadow palette and two lipsticks one from the Matte Revolution range and one from the K.I.S.S.I.N.G range.

So let’s start off with the Charlotte Tilbury- Celestial Eyes eyeshadow palette. Now there is no denying that this palette is just stunning! The packaging has that beautiful sparkly star with the logo in the middle which is super pretty and if you think it’s pretty on the outside just wait until you see inside. I honestly gave a little gasp of awe when I opened it up, I mean Luxury is in its very name. It’s a 2×2 palette and the shades consist of Champagne, light mauve brown, deep bronze and after dusk purple. It has a little mirror inside so you can see what you’re doing up close. In terms of application, because they are shimmery they’re are quite hard to pick up with the brush so you do have to work the palette but the payoff is enchanting and they blend together beautifully with the after dusk purple really giving you that smokey look. So this a £42 palette which I will leave a link for.

Next up is the Lipstick from the Matte Revolution range. Now I have the shade Walk of Shame which is a beautiful red. It makes your lips look hydrated and fuller. Now because it’s hydrating it doesn’t give you that ultra Matte look, it’s more Demi Matte but there is no denying that is leaves your lips looking beautiful😍 So this is a £25 lipstick which I’ll leave a link for.

Finally, we have the lipstick from the K.I.S.S.I.N.G range, which I have in the shade Stoned Rose. Now this is a orange toned shade which is sure to set off any nude or orange look. Again this is a flattering and hydrating lipstick. With this lipstick your lips look more juicy and wet but I just can’tget over how beautiful they leave your lips. Again this is a £25 lipstick but you can see for yourself how worth it, it is.

I really hope you enjoyed this run down and if you did be sure to leave me your thoughts below🤗 I have a lot more posts coming really soon, testing out Smashbox, Jouer and Full Panda🐼 by Claudia Winkleman so be sure to keep your eyes peeled👀

Until next time, Happy Shopping🛍

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