EYELURE Fleur De Force

All I have to say is wow…so let me start off by saying that I am a newbie to false lashes. I have naturally long lashes so never felt the need to apply lashes but I really wanted to see what the fuss was about.

So I’m browsing in Boots looking at the extravagant lashes knowing in my head i want NATURAL. I want lashes that don’t scream fake. And the EyeLure Fleur De Force- Fleur loves lashes 3/4 length lashes do just that. Now I picked up 2 sets because they were buy one get one 1/2 price and only priced at £5.45 so for a newbie like myself this was perfect.https://www.boots.com/beauty/beauty-accessories/false-eyelashes/fleur-de-force-by-eylure-fleur-loves-lashes-10197616

Now application; I was warned Fake lashes are messy and you gotta cut them down to measurement so I was prepared for a struggle. The box contained one lash for the right and one for the left and this is clearly marked in their container by the letters R and L. It comes with adhesive which you thinly spread on to the lash line, wait 20/30 seconds to apply then hold into place. Now I apply it on top of my eyeliner so it blends in easily and not once have they messed up my eye makeup, not once have they fell out of place. They instantly make my eyes lashes go from great to amazing. They feel lightweight and you just forget you have them on. Also you don’t have to worry about those windy days cause they stay in place perfectly.

Now I’m not allowed to wear fake lashes to work but they look so natural and are a little longer than my lashes that I just wear them anyway. I’ve been asked if I’ve had them done, cause they look amazing. Their reaction is priceless when I reveal that they are fake, they’re honestly just perfect for that natural look. They’re a beautiful pair of lashes and well worth the money.

Below there is a side by side view so you can see results for yourself.

Side by side view of the Fleur loves lashes by Eyelure

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