HudaBeauty Neons

Hello everyone I do apologise for the delay in getting this post out. I’m not on a schedule but I do recognise that it’s been a substantial amount of times and I do want to keep you updated.

So to start off I have a lot of reviews coming your way from a lot of big names in makeup and skincare and I’ve been really taking my time ensuring you’re getting the best review possible.

So the new Huda Beauty Neons collection dropped a few weeks ago consisting of 3 separate palettes each 3×3 with 9 shades.

I absolutely adore these I mean they are beautiful to look at and they’re great for travelling around with because they’re compact and come with a mirror, what’s more perfect than that? They blend like a dream and the pay off is just insane, providing really vivid looks without fall out. Like I cannot fault their performance they are just stunning.

One thing I don’t like about them is that they are not equal in layout and shades so for instance the green palettes contains 6 glimmers and the rest matte whereas the Orange one only contains 3 glimmers and the rest mattes. Yet the green one is over run with glimmers which is a shame cause the mattes are beautiful and would have liked more in the Green palette.

They are pressed pigments so the pay off of course is intense and vibrant but can stain the eye so if that’s something that’s going to bother you then these are not for you. The glimmers I would recommend using with a setting spray to really get the desired effect. I find the glimmers if you look in the picture they look almost jewel like, and when using them they kind of come off as dusting rather than a pigmented glimmer so you might really need to work it abit to really get it going but they actually provide a really wet shimmery look. I have created countless looks with these and they do not fail to impress me, they have easily just become my favourites. The Green palette has many variations you could go for like a wet cherry or maybe unicorn whatever you’re feeling they’ve got the shades to create it. The orange pallet is just my absolute favourite, there are no end of compliments the colours are beautiful and I’m just so in love the shades work perfectly together.

So these palettes are priced at £27 each but honestly they’re so worth it, they’re perfect for summer and you’re sure to receive lots of compliments. I really would love to know what you’re thoughts are about them so please drop me a comment😊

Until next time, happy shopping 😊🛍

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