Tati Beauty- Textured Neutrals Volume 1

Okay so I am so thrilled and excited for Tati Westbrook, I love her so much and the fact she came out with her own beauty line I’m like YES! Her palette is just breathtaking😍

Now you can see from the picture it has 6 shades named Memory, Ritual, Story, Soothe, Aura and Poet with 4 different textures, them being Matte, Sequin, Metallic and Glitter. Now in the lid is a mirror the size of the whole palette it’s so big and amazing quality. I mean wow. This is the pallet that we never knew we needed and trust Tati to create something so perfect.

Now in terms of application they practically blend themselves, the formula is so high quality it’s pure luxury. No creasing, no fall out, it stayed exactly as applied all day. My friend was non stop complimenting my eyes and is getting the palette herself. It literally speaks for itself.

As you can see the shine and sparkle is beautiful. Tati has created a palette that is designed for everyone. Your everyday look that can also be transformed and manipulated into any look you want for anywhere you go.

Now I paid $48 for this palette plus $9 dollars to ship to the UK and money well spent in my eyes. It is currently sold out, but you can preorder it on her website and it is guaranteed to arrive before December 15th so if you’re looking for the perfect Christmas present, look no further. I’ll leave a link to her website below.https://www.tatibeauty.com/products/textured-neutrals-vol-1

If you have the Palette I would love to hear your thoughts on it aswell!! Let me know what you think below.

Until next time, Happy Shopping 🛍

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