Nars- Lips, Cheeks and Opinions.

Hello and welcome to my latest post. As you may have guessed from the title this post is going to be reviewing a few products from Nars. I originally brought the two lip pencils one in Velvet Matte and the other Satin Lip as part of their Summer collection both priced at £22 but i actually got sent a free Orgasm blush and so i figured i’d review it all together as a little feature.

So to start off with I purchased one Velvet Matte lip pencil in the shade Good Times which is a warm beige nude colour. I loved this so much, the application was perfect. It went matte without drying out my lips. It wasn’t messy and it’s just that product that gives you those perfect lips to complete a look without hassle. I could be in a rush and apply it and know my lips look. Now it looks like a chunky crayon and it can be used to line the lips or you can use it all over like I either way your lips are going to look great. No creases no cracks. For me this product has literally every quality that I’m looking for in a lip product and I’m super excited by this, so different shades are definitely on my agenda. There are loads of shades to choose from if you’re going for a nude, chic or bold look they’ve got it all. There is a link to the shade Good Times below.

So on to the satin lip pencil, I got this one in the shade Exbury which is a light pink rose colour. Now I did like it but not as much as the Velvet Matte and I feel like i didn’t like the shade as much as the other. I just wasn’t wowed as much however that being said I feel like it really depends on how you like your lips to look but i love that they have a product for whatever preference. It was light and hydrating and you can see below that my lips look healthy and nourished. No creases no cracks.

Next is the blush in the shade Orgasm. Now as you can see in the picture above it really has naturally highlighted my complexion, just adding that little bit of colour back into my face. Blended beautifully and is buildable. Now if you refer back to my first close up you will notice I’m not wearing the blush so you can really see the comparison for yourself. Again they have many other shades if you wanted to go lighter or darker. This product is priced at £25.

I really hoped you enjoyed this triple review😊 If you’ve tried these products drop a comment and let me know your thoughts, or any questions don’t hesitate to ask!

Until next time, happy shopping😊🛍

3 thoughts on “Nars- Lips, Cheeks and Opinions.

  1. crypticcriticchan says:

    I wish the brand Nars was available in my city ’cause I have seen and read so many amazing reviews about some of their impressive products. That being said, the blush really looks lovely, and it really suits you. This was a pretty good review! Thanks for sharing, and do check out my blog as well. I look forward to reading more of your work soon. Have a great day/night! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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