Too Faced- Paint the World Pink

Hello and welcome to my new post. Today’s post is about my thoughts on the cute little set from Too Faced.

As you can see, included is the full size Better than Sex Mascara, full size Melted Matte lipstick, full size Hangover primer and a mini size Lip Injection Extreme. Now as you can see all this is £75 worth of products priced at £35…what a steal.

Now what is not to like about this? It’s pink, cute and affordable. Now the Mascara I do like, it reminds me of the Charlotte Tilbury Legendary Lashes Mascara. The wand has two curves that kind of pushes up the lashes in a way that gives the lashes volume and drama in a nice fluttery way. This mascara is individually priced at £22.

The Melted Matte lipstick is something I just love. It gives you that beautiful Matte look without drying out your lips. Doesn’t feel cakey or flakey. The shade is so flattering, I would definitely buy this again. The shade included is called Child Star…it’s kind of a dusty Pink/Brown which is perfect if you’re going for nude. This liquid lipstick is strawberry scented and is individually priced at £19.

Now the Hangover Primer and Booster, I’ve really enjoyed using, it’s strawberry scented and almost moisturiser like. It’s infused with coconut water which really provides that dewy, healthy look. Makeup applied beautifully on top of, and lasted all day. Foundation didn’t move an inch. This primer is individually priced at £26.

Lastly is the mini Lip Injection Extreme. Now to start off with I didn’t like this at all, I just thought it was like every other product claiming to make your lips bigger…erm no, I love it. So when I’m doing my makeup I put it on the lips first so it has time to kick in and do it’s whole shebang whilst I do my makeup. Now it does kind of burn but nothing painful and by the time I’m finished and I come to apply my lipstick, I gently wipe the excess gloss off and your lips look big and soft. Makes the application of the lipstick beautiful and so easy. It leaves my lips looking fuller and I love it. It’s a definite a must have product if you want the fuller looking lips. The gloss is also strawberry scented and the little version is priced at £12 but for £22 you can get the full size.

I really hope you enjoyed my run down of everything in the set, any questions I’d be happy to answer!

Until next time, happy shopping 😊🛍

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