Alpha H Liquid Gold

Now the packaging looks sleek and sophisticated. The white and gold give just give off that high end feel..honestly feels like I’m looking at a bottle of magic. So when I opened the bottle I found the lid was a little tough to get off..but once off it has a little cap that you pop open, and a little cover that you remove so you can get the product out.

Now when applying it says “apply onto cleansed skin each alternate evening. Moisten cotton pad with solution and apply to face, neck and décolletage. When the skin is touch-dry apply your preferred Alpha H moisturiser or serum. For an intensive treatment do not follow with a moisturiser or serum.” I don’t own their moisturisers so I applied mine with the Nuxe Aquabella which I will link below

Now the liquid is not literally liquid gold, it’s actually a clear substance and when I was applying it, the smell was reminding me of nail polish remover but not as powerful nor displeasant.

On the box itself Alpha H states that the product “Revitalises and assists in firming the skin in a single application through a multi action formula of silk protein and liquorice. Targets tiered ageing of the skin to renew tired and sun-damaged complexions while improving skin texture and tone. Clinically proven to decrease wrinkle depth, reduce roughness and increase moisture with the skin.”

I actually really love the product and find myself wanting to apply it every night but refraining and sticking to every other night. It is a strong product and you may experience a stingy tingly sensation if you over apply it. If you missed anywhere with your makeup remover, the liquid gold will remove every bit of dirt off your face and then some.

In the 3 nights that I’ve applied it I have found that my skin is constantly hydrated. Even on my forehead, which if I don’t apply moisturiser it drys out, starts cracking and my foundation just falls apart over it. So I’m waking up in awe that my skin is feeling just perfect.

Secondly my skin is looking radiant, glowy and healthy. I’ve had people say I look really really well and good, and that is just the best compliment because I’m not only looking good but feeling good aswell. I have been monitoring the progress daily so you can see just how good it is.

I honestly love this product so much. I am i just can’t get over how good my skin looks and feels. It leaves me with heaps of confidence with the knowledge my skin is looking great, and I could walk out the house without makeup feeling beautiful. My skin is speaking volumes and this Liquid Gold is just a must have for me😍

As you can see from the pictures the skin has improved drastically. I started off with a ton of spots and blackheads waiting to emerge and over the week the chin has been popping up with spots, getting rid of what was already congested before I started using the product.

Now during this process my phone was upgraded to the iPhone XR which means my picture quality is now next level and so in the last picture you can really see how clear my skin is, it’s not red or blotchy. There are one or 2 spots left over from the initial congestion but it’s really just cleaning it all out. It looks healthy, clean and radiant.

I 100% recommend this product no doubt about it. If you have any questions I’ll be sure to answer them for you.

I hope you enjoyed this review, and until next time, happy shopping🛍😊

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